Raggedy Leaves

   raggedly leaves 
      and berries
seem to please
   my eye.

   shiney things,
we might have had.
berries may taste
      good or bad.

      places where
we've never been,
   stranger things
than we have seen:

   unknown berries 
      on a plant:
unsafe, it seems
   in mouth or hand...

some sniney things 
      we should avoid,
   beautiful can
sometimes be poison.



   by darkness,
a lily shaped
beacon appears 
      in our eyes.

concealing, revealing 
   bright sunshine, 
   through petals,
a bright glow.
   we lose track.

sometimes shadows 
contain predators,
   who sell bridges
      to the unwary. 
they want your 
   vote too. 

shake hands with 
   the candidate,
      if you like,
but don't forget to
count your fingers



   when colours look
so funny, trusting's
      hard to do

   is it a sign
our nightmares
will come true?

   i've only gone for
coffee but I've
   been gone so long

   she'll maybe start
   to wonder what's
gone wrong

   when colours look
so funny, trusting's
      hard to do

   is it a sign
our nightmares
will come true?

Colchicum 2

Colchicum 2

shadows on 
   a wall...

   (we do not
see so well
   at all)

on a train
      rolls by.

if thoughts had 
wings perhaps 
      they'd fly.

i wonder what
   you think
      i said;

   i do not
   know what's
in your head.

spots on a page
   might tell
      a tale,

but will they
      tell it
   very well?

shadows on
   a wall,

   we do not
see so well
      at all.

From the Good Earth

From the Good Earth

everything of
   true value
      has come

(born beautiful)
   from the 
      good earth.

i look again
   at her rich

   see that
it is good,
   (as you know).

   vanish as i
bury my fingers

      in rich dark 
   earth. again, 
troubles vanish.

everything of
   true value
      has come

(born beautiful)
   from the
   good earth.

Signs of Fall

green fruit
   as tiny
      as that

   i would
not eat it
      on a bet

      up close
      as this
   it seems

   to have
a certain

but there
      is also

      i do not
even know its 
   common name 

      i see it
green, in fall,
   and know

   things change
whether or not
      i understand.

Bright Colours

   bright colours
      bright days
thinning smoke,

unknown flower
      hardly any
   smokey summer
air, like dust
      itchy eyes

dry sore throat
      and awful
   lonely days

i have to say
      i'm sorry
   i don't know

this wet flower's 
   name, and may
      as well tell

      you that
   i didn't spray
it for the shot

   and had to 
to look real

   beauty never
has to pretend.


   autumn, in our
garden is still
      a lively place

   things change
   as the light
begins to fail

      while now,
honey bees,
   are back

      and colchicum
   suddenly comes up
(we had forgotten)

from distant fires
      imported smoke
   has come again

fueled by 
   dry things, 

   by some who
      do not care.
our world burns up

      they think it
is their world.
   but i don't care

      whose name
   is on their deed.
(their smoke is ours)

Bright Summer Show

again i find

   this unusual
      flower i
   do not know,

   or if it is
a cluster or 
   sole blossom.

   smoke outside 
hangs heavy in 
the valley.

distant fires
   choke our
feeble breath.

      we struggle
like the suddenly 
   silent birds.

   climate change
and smoke, have 
   us cornered,

   hiding out
   from this

   we find little
comfort. a little
   beauty helps...

September Hilltop

September Hilltop

from up there
we could see
      for miles.

   and something
spoke in 

about a view
   (we gladly 
   didn't miss)

   mostly it
was unspoiled
   it seemed,

      from where
   we stood high
   on the trail,

looking over
      so much of 
   such beauty.

again, we had
      to learn
   to breathe.