Seaside Apartment

Seaside Apartment

a long long time ago
it was a desireable place
to live (beside the sea)

time passes until the cool
becomes grotty and ghetto

but the seaside does not
change much (oceans
endure) views remain

as beautiful as ever

as paint fades and chips
and repainting is done
and redone (buildings age

things become so shabby)

it seems nobody badly 
wants to live in such 
a grubby mess

a time comes when
an earthquake or war
tears these places down

or maybe developers
(will it start again)

Shards 2013a1

Shards 2013a1

broken pieces tell a story
patience put it all together

broken shards everywhere
accident or quake shattered

gathered and sorted bits
(screened out sand and dust) 
scattered pieces of history

amazing reconstructions
gathered into original
shapes (fill in the blanks)

we will be shards forever
broken by our lives

interesting pieces of
a once wonderful world
(getting worse all the time)

not too easy sometimes
to see how everything
could fit together

what kind of picture
it could make (showing
what stories it could tell)


Cobblestone Street

Cobblestone Street

almost empty streets
roasting summer heat
people shelter in shady
spots (eating ice cream)

still if you look (you can
see people at a distance)

looking out of shadows
ancient days and peoples
tourists from a world away

walking along on this 
ancient cobblestone street

sand coloured stones
standing in a wall

we see some of them
we walk past them all

too much like counting
grains of sand on a beach
to count those stones
on a hot summer day

it could be easier to count
the tourists (out in the sun)

some days we might be
clever enough to shelter
in the cool shade

Burning Bush

Burning Bush

no flames appear
(but there were  
quite a few) in the
story that we all 
seem to believe in

in our created world

a burning bush is
a noxious alien
(grows like a weed)

stories are only 
stories until we can 
check all the facts

looking for flames
and believing nothing
that can't be proven

every year we see it
burning in the autumn
sunshine (it burns)

burns without flames

no easy thing to forget
(remember if you see it)

Bright Little Peppers

Bright Little Peppers

happy to see all those
bright little peppers

everything in its turn

sunshine came warmly
through a dozen panes

she said she had given up 
the night before and 
it was almost over

something stopped her 
(hand) and she lived
to see the sunbeams

morning after a near
disaster (didn't happen) 

beautiful sunbeams
sliding through panes

spilling onto an old rug
so much she almost missed

happy to see all those
bright little peppers

everything in its turn

Badlands Erosion

Badlands Erosion

looking from a clifftop
down onto the remnants
of a primeval beach scene
all turned to sandstone

when standing on the edge
a dangerous place to put
our well-worn shoes

water runs where it will
wishing it would move
won't make it happen

but over time incredible
processes push up mountains

(and tear them back down) 

rivers draining an ice lake
for eons (wearing down
the ancient earth)

rain falling for some
millions of years

we never saw it all
(it passed before our time)

but dinosaurs stumbled
across the landscapes

some of them might have
been our forebears
(they were here before us)

time will not tell us 
a story we will not hear

Last of the Blossoms

Last of the Blossoms

apples blossom early

when they're finished
summers nearly here

it's a cool time
promising warmer
times (days ahead)

white petals fall all
down on the slowly 
warming ground

apple temptation
petals all around
warm days ahead

we look forward
to the apple fruit

sweet and a little sharp
refreshing's our word

we'll eat them ourselves or 
feed them to the birds

my sister my brother
it seems it all depends 
on how we treat each other
we can all be friends 

Forest Edge

Forest Edge

all along the forest edge
as we left wide grasslands

the beginning of trees
was somehow a comfort

already the hot July sun
toasted us from its cruel orbit

(our long road ahead)
high mountain passes
and many miles to go

distant blue mountains
loom over the edge
of the warm photograph

bright blue skies
showed a little cloud

(no snow on the roadsides)

blizzards in high mountains
as we passed by (in awe)

our road (it seemed)
went on almost endlessly

oh what an adventure
our long road trip

After the Hurricane

thirty years after
the storm i never saw

ruined forests show
a little of what i missed
not so many years ago

a hurricane half-way
across an ocean seems
fairly unimportant
(from so far away)

Hurricane Iniki
(wind speeds to
two hundred thirty
kilometers per hour)

tore leaves from trees
(and branches)
threw trees like twigs

chicken coops shattered
(by the storm) releasing
backyard chickens into
the wild (survivors
mixed with jungle fowl)

now roosters crow at 
all hours (day or night)
people want to shoot
them all on sight

Ancient Story

i see an ancient story there
(illustrated on a vase)

we know the story
but have never seen it

displayed on such
an old ceramic vase

a celebration of guile
and gullibilty (and end
of a years long war)

primitive art from deep past
charming naiive interpretation

an image of deception
and gullibilty (end of a epic
war and many heroes)

depiction of a wooden horse
crudely carved in clay
baked in a hot hot hot oven

thousands of years ago

a wonder (how it survived)
in all its crudity (a wonder)