Each and every spring
they’ve sprouted,
fresh leaves
to feed blossoms
on the wild rose.

We like to struggle
with the question,
“which came first”,
but do we want to know?

New leaves
in springtime,
as they spread
green wings
that do not fly away,
until the fall.

We do not worship nature,
but enjoy.
It seems that
wild things and places
were made
for us to love.

Between the thorns,
we cannot see
the rose.

It’s time has
not yet come.
If we are patient,
we may see it’s glory.

It’s always
come before.
Our patience
was rewarded.

A little hope,
a little faith,
and roses soon
should bloom again.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. For each of us, as far as we know, up until now, one day, the sun will no longer rise. Let it be in the far distance. Let there be many joyful mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights.


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