Answers to questions
she never,
ever asked.
Something graceful
almost feminine
about these
subtle ferns.
What is near
is not in focus.
What is concealed
is somehow
sharp and clear.

What is it
that she’s hiding,
eyes peeking
from beneath
long bangs?
I show my hand
and attitude
as clear
and honest
as I can.
How can there
be any doubt?


One thought on “Ferns

  1. Short and interesting biography. Fascinating choice of plant.
    The old Anglo-saxon word “fearn” means feather which the fern plant resembles. They have no seeds and they don’t flower, and still the fern plant is intriguing with its variety of patterns and textures. Shady, breezy, delicate and lacey, – deeply cut, – spellbinding – closing word sound.


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