What is a Garden

Colours bright
or colours dim,
we notice
whats in focus,
and as shadows
trim our image,
add water
to the dust,
things grow.

What is a weed,
but an unwanted
A garden’s
not the same.
You walk
on water?
That’s a
different game.

A volunteer
can be a
great thing too.
Flowers can grow
from unexpected seed,
and welcome,
none of them’s
a weed.

A little beauty
sneaks into
the picture.
A little colour,
bright and amazing,
a garden like
her garden,
makes your
heart sing.

5 thoughts on “What is a Garden

  1. Meals on wheels, If you don’t go out each day, you get old.
    Love the seed of the metaphor. Weed the volunteer …..graciously sown.


    1. Meals on wheels? Shut in? Its important to get out and see other people.

      Some people go into communities after a while, so there are other people around. I know a man, 90 years and more. His mind has left, but he’s with people (in a home – away from home). But there he has care.


      1. Hmmm. Maybe. We have Meals on wheels in Canada. Shut-ins, seniors, people who need assistance, are brought food by volunteers. I expect that part of the volunteers’ role is to see that the recipients of the meals are okay.

        My girl is almost recovered. I have been acting as nurse, butler, chauffeur… She’s starting to push back, insisting that she can look after herself!


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