Pink Ragged Chaos

It seems chaotic,
all these ragged petals.
Pink peonies
add some brightness
to a garden,
to a summer day.

Chaos is a universe
we never see
because we
cannot understand.

Feedback sometimes
reveals chaos
may have patterns.

3 thoughts on “Pink Ragged Chaos

    1. These beauties grow in out garden. Things I planted, dug the holes myself, carefully, at the right depths. Watered and waited. And then they grow, flowers in season, as if faces, looking up and out, as if smiling, grateful to be alive!


  1. Luscious, unrestrained and uncontrolled beautiful.
    With a backdrop of a brick wall I’d love a planted bouquet of red and yellow. Well I’m not digging, one just need to admire other people’s gardens.
    As our infrequent friend says, another beauty to your collection.


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