Broad View

Summer brings beauty,
green tones
like a special heaven.

Afternoon heat
bakes tired eyes.
Its easy
to forget.
Breathe. Breathe.

Doze only
in safety.
Predatory creatures
may appear.
Some of them
could be human…

Treetops provide
from predators.
When time
becomes non-linear,
a secret story
can not be told.

Two wide photographs
make a panoramic scene.
Houses on a hillside,
hundreds of years after
el Greco’s Toledo.


The way we live,
these days.
Separated by fences,
each in our own
private space.


Summer brings beauty,
green tones
like a special heaven.

3 thoughts on “Broad View

  1. And besides it’s a Mediterranean summer with all its perculiar features you describe, and it feels so easy, but it’s not it’s just the feeling. A beautiful place to write from. I love the tiny space you chose in this rich region. Rich in landscapes, arts and culture, bursting with stories.
    Enjoy the summer.


      1. I prefer the cool as well, yet I live in a very warm to hot region. My summers are draining, and we are just starting out as you move into Autumn. I’ve always enjoyed a cooler summer breeze, even more so now, I can only put it down to health and age.


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