Stella Supreme

Stella Supreme

She is a beauty,
bright as
the noonday sun.
Beautiful girl,
she stands out
though she’s dumb.
She doesn’t need
to speak.
Her look
says all
so much.
We drink it in
and never
need to touch.

Stella, they call her,
a relative
it seems,
to another Stella,
di’Oro, as she’s named.
Stella Supreme.
We think she
folds at night,
but do not know.
Its past
our bedtimes,
so its off we go.

A mystery
We cannot know
it all.
Stella’s a beauty,
a bright yellow doll.
She brightens up
the garden,
she brightens up
the yard.

Some people
do this too,
and life
is not quite so hard.
They really
make our days.
Brighten our world
with their
amazing ways.

One thought on “Stella Supreme

  1. The yellow hibiscus, d’Oro….is a golden damsel….
    Rossa her fiery cousin, would pick one tiny leaf from Stella’s garden to fan the burning in her heart


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