Failure of Splendour

Failure of Splendour

Her colours
are so bright
and maybe
that should
say it all,
but something else
is going on.
She isn’t
quite as much
in focus
as a slightly
drab companion,
who shines
in her unremarkable
lack of splendour.

They told us a story,
of our grandparents,
of a young man,
reading a book
of poems
by his favourite poet.
Two passing girls
found him interesting.
One of them
did a loud
and lively act,
as if accidentally,
into the reader.
And the other,
embarrassed by
her friend,
not so bold,
a little shy,
met his approval,
our grandmother.

3 thoughts on “Failure of Splendour

  1. I didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. The poem read like a whole book, I’ve never read. Not yet, once written, I hope I’m around to read it.


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