End of Summer

End of Summer

This time we see,
as colour all
has faded.
Drab autumn days,
awful chilly mornings.
Oh we get jaded
from too much warmth
and sunshine ways.
Time to reset,
and soon we
must face chill
autumn storms.

Our jaded eyes!
(and minds)
We need a rest,
and summer’s
awesome duties
such that now
we cannot see
new exciting beauties.
Time to reset.
Rest from
the vibrant colour.
Winter’s coming soon,
with chills
and snow and ice.

Snow and ice and winter’s
killing frosts,
warm fires help
dispel evil cold.
From our hearts too,
yours and mine.
We’ll nourish warmth,
and all that love
that makes us
who we are,
reaching out
and helping others.

5 thoughts on “End of Summer

    1. Hi!

      Here we have autumn, when many deciduous trees change colour. The green
      chlorophyl migrates to the tree’s roots, leaving brightly coloured substances

      I have some brightly coloured photos from a day or so ago. I’ll probably share
      them soon.


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