November Afternoon

November Afternoon

Before the lowered sun
goes down behind
the western mountain,
I must pause.
There can be
something beautiful
after the leaves
have fallen,
and before the snow
comes down.

I can remember
seeing summer sunsets,
sunrises can be amazing.
(Once I sat
with her at 5am
to watch
the sky catch fire.)
I remember
bright leaves
on and off trees,
incredible in all
their fatal beauty.

snow should fall,
according to predictions,
and so I’ve covered
what I can.
Ice melts
soon enough,
but damage
may be done.
The truck
won’t move again
until the roads
are safe again.

We carry on.
Exciting projects
and adventures
distract us
a wintery future.
So much
is to be done
before the springtime
opening of flowers.
Nature’s private ceremonies
do so much
to surprise.

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