She Sees

Her feet did
such a
happy dance,
hard soles
on gravel,
like a goat’s
hooves, on granite.
He, a toddler too,
he was enchanted.

Snowstorm in the
mountain passes,
ice gleams on
the frosty peaks.

Trapped in
the valley,
far below,
she closes
one eye and
tilts her head,
to gain a
certain perspective.

Some of us
have no perspective,
no perspective at all.

Up in the
the snow is
so white
and here
in the valley,
we have dirt.

3 thoughts on “She Sees

  1. Lol, that’s hilarious picturing the goat on granite.
    Well Yes, the mountaintop gets the first sun and the valley all the slush. The originality and majestic simplicity of the metaphors meets my applause.
    There is none like David really, he lives will and heart.


    1. We have wild goats that run up and down mountains in Canada. I didn’t like the rhythm of calling it a mountain goat. So I just said ‘goat’.

      We have a friend named David. A mountaineer. All of his climbing team-mates have fallen and died. I think he realised and said it, maybe for the first time while drinking coffee with us.


    2. I know a mountaineer named David. He might have known the goat I mentioned. We have wild goats that run up and down mountains. We call them mountain goats.

      I didn’t like the rhythm that ‘mountain goats’ created. The David I know, and sometimes drink coffee with, would know I was not talking about our domesticated goats. Now you do too.

      Google “mountain goats” and select ‘images’. You will see what they look like. Domestic goats can be very agile too.

      I never found that girl again. And I looked for years. Even now, I remember.

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