Through Mountain Passes

Through Mountain Passes

Climbing through
mountain passes,
watching snowfall
on passing peaks.
Icy storms in
inaccessible places.
So near but
far enough away.
Even in good weather,
our senses tell us,
though climbing monkeys,
that challenge
is too great
for all we’d gain.

Another day,
another place,
we watch
for dinosaurs
and still more
recent dangers.
Time carves
huge gullies
in a sandstone
So many
creatures died,
by drowning.
Panicked thrashing,
desperate last gasps,
and surrender.

Another day,
another place,
we find their
massive bones.
Displayed as if
so recent,
but those bones
had turned
to stone,
they can not
whistle, stamp
or roar.
Those days
are past.
We are the
monsters now,
careless of
the world
we’ll leave

Climbing through
time’s passing,
watching the
world burn
like a barbeque.
We wonder
why we
let it be,
as snow falls
on the passing
as it has
for oh-so-long.
We wonder
how much longer
it will be:
snow falling
around us.

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