Mooring Watch

Mooring Watch

At the aft bar,
they watch
tiny men,
tie up our ship
to the dock.
Another time,
another place,
it was a
time and place.
We were trying
to be friends.
Good travel

Hot Caribbean
drove us
into shade.
A shadow world,
with palm trees
on the beach.
Looking at
the world
our fingers,
we see
so much
and maybe miss
much more.
Some things
we do not
want to see,
some stories,
never hear.

Walking around,
with blinders on,
we can always
find our goals.
That way we’ll
miss so much,
but we
won’t care.
We’ll be so
when we
get there.

9 thoughts on “Mooring Watch

    1. My wife and I travel as buddies. That has always made it good. She ordered the cruise about a year ago so she had something to look forward to while she was living the grim life of chemo and radiation therapy.

      We snorkeled a few times, made friends with people we’d never have met and almost got shipwrecked. Yes, it was good!

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