Like Angels in Springtime

Like Angels in Springtime

Sometimes we may
get too close,
as beautiful
as anything
can be.
The smiles
in that
young girl’s eyes,
I really
love to see.
Plum blossoms
on a chilly tree,
covered by
hardworking bees.
The perfume’s fine,
and almost
brings us
to our knees.

That’s not
so bad.
Perhaps we
could spend
more time
down there,
thankful for
that’s here.
Instead we
scheme and
cheat and
to get us
things that
are too real.
Things that
have no

Angels in
attracting bees
(working so hard,
just hear
them buzz).
One taxis
onto the runway
of my hand.
There I stand,
if I’ll kill it
or, pay attention
to it walking
up my arm.
That tiny
creature walks
around, and
safely flies
Some new kind
of beauty,
I’d never

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