Brightly in the Sky

Brightly in the Sky

Sun, shining brightly
in the sky,
it lights my path
from way up high.
I want to smile
as she walks by.
Her world
is filled
with sunshine.

I see the way
she’s watching me,
and like a mouse
that’s stealing cheese,
I understand
I have to
watch my step.

People need
to mingle;
it’s hard
to isolate.
It isn’t easy
to be single.
It’s often better
in a pair.
A family can be
filled with wonder,
so much love
to share.

Now sunshine
in forbidden parks,
walking in
the chilly dark,
distant dogs
begin to bark.
Another threat
is on the way.

The President
wears a tinfoil hat,
I wonder:
what is up
with that.
I do not know
the things
he thinks he sees
Imaginary friends
do tricks,
amusing when
we’re five or six.
Then we can learn
a better mix
of dreams,
and maybe
our world.

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