Blackbirds Know

Blackbirds Know

a pair of
strutting on
damp earth,
he: shining black,
white eyes,
she: muted colours,
dark, dusty brown

we reached
the pond
soon after
passing them,
a good pond,
brown water
(i would
to drink),
full of life,
it was
easy to see

some things
we find
are deadly.
common sense
comes at
so high
a price.
pain awaits
a few

places where
we must not go,
and places
to avoid,
a swamp’s
a swamp,
don’t go there
after dark

i’m given
for questions
she will
never think
to ask.
i must wait
to see if
she will
see me
quietly nursing
her secret

the blackbirds
and there’s a
clever monkey,
knows a bit.
too smart,
and yet
too foolish,
he sits grinning

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