Tulips in Our Garden

Tulips in Our Garden

every day
we have
to look,
to see what
green wonders
might be known,
into bright
green shoots
have grown

like a
leaves come out
on trees,
it seems it’s
all across
the nation,
some of us
are pleased

snow is melted,
run down from
the hills,
days are
warm now;
we’re forgetting
winter chills

green screams
of joy,
we listen
in delight,
we all lived
through dark
winter days,
are happy
it’s so bright

12 thoughts on “Tulips in Our Garden

  1. (green screams
    of joy,
    we listen
    in delight,
    we all lived
    through dark
    winter days,
    are happy
    it’s so bright)

    This is a beautiful mind, you phrase your words in the loveliest of ways. Have you ever thought of publishing your work? The way you swing your ideas into sentences to design such incredible writing knocks the reader first for a six. I wish I could write like you. I’m so hesitant to liken you, maybe you don’t feel the same way about the poets I like to read, all I can say is masterful penmanship.


    1. Hi Abby! I am working on a first collection of poems. Problem: I seem to have too many. There’s over a thousand good ones (I’m told they are good or better).

      I’m editing and formatting, these days. My current manuscript is over 400 pages long. I expect a poetry book should be not more than 250 pages, so I may have to split it in two. Possibly a total of five or six books in the next year or two.

      We all write the way we write. I speak the same way I write. (One voice, which is unusual, I have heard)


      1. Oh my word robertson, let’s be honest here, you are having the time of your life working your passion. Pure joy, and so it should be.
        Make it six Murray that would make the collected works complete. I wish to hold them in my hands.
        Before I sleep.

        Unusual, spot on, this is why I refrained and stepped back from comparisons or to liken the pen to anyone else. You have a beautiful way of speaking.
        Breath moved across the waters, that is the creative process.


      2. Thank you. I worked on it about an hour this evening. I think I’ at about page 280 now. I might add some at the front of the book… Some that I like better.


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