Sloppy Joe’s Bar

Sloppy Joe’s Bar

old town
is such
a wonder,
it’s painted
up like new.
(a beauty
to be seen).
key west
is hard
to beat

hop on,
hop off,
ride right
on by,
see sites
that make the
locals proud.
an old
drunk writer,
sits there
by the bar,
and he’ll
fight anyone,
they say

his writer’s
ghost still
haunts the place.
crowds wait
his bar,
his icon is
long faded,
but to them
he’s still
a star

8 thoughts on “Sloppy Joe’s Bar

  1. Like the lost generation, most writers have their favourite cafes or hangouts. I’m curious about the books he wrote in Key West seated whilst topping his glass at sloppy Joe’s Bar.
    Interesting poem.


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