Found Art

   walking through 
the grocery store, 
i have to stop 
and check out 
today's colours 
      in the 
and am seldom 

exotic shapes 
   and colours
give me pause.
   this world
      is one i
   have to see
as well as
   and pay

15 thoughts on “Found Art

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this time round that the poem and the photograph appeared simultaneously in my mail box after I opened the mail.
    Ordinarily, dress coordinators and colour coders would suggest that lilac and red would clash but no says the flower pickers, they belong together. To think these bunches attract so much attention at the grocers stand, and I often played with the thought that the fat, round chubby sidewalk flowersellers would’ve made a killing in sales if they had a dress and style coordinator. Image sells, I could be right and maybe so wrong,


      1. Lol, it doesn’t feel right doesn’t it, no, once the petals are crushed, distilled and bottled they would be standing behind the perfume counters.


      1. Hahaha! I definitely was! However I know that I must constantly practise my warped weirdness in case I should drift into a state of normality! That would completely confuse me! 😁


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