Colours #3 (2020)

Colours #3 (2020)

Colours #3

bright things
grow so quietly
      you would
hardly notice.
   and if you 
   didn't blink, 
who knows

      i look
   for signs
of interest
or reasons
      to be 
nothing moves

people are
and nature
is growing
i hold
my breath

not too long 
a silence,
   stay well
our time
might not
   be long

8 thoughts on “Colours #3 (2020)

  1. abvr

    (Who knows
    Nothing moves
    my breath)
    Evokes a sense of sadness. We have our day by day, night falls and dawn appears, still it feels like we are locked in time, not knowing when the veil of social distancing will end. Shrouded in mystery, yet God speaks, and the conspiracy theories are aggravating, to say the least, exhausting. So far 2020 has been a devouring year fighting the onslaught of a silent enemy, while the narratives for the wars on Syria, painful to mention all the rest, -Somalia, the communal conflicts in Nigeria, the Sinai insurgency, Colombian conflict, ethnic violence in South Sudan- just to mention a few, have grown quiet.
    I don’t know if we have it in us, this secret lives of plants, to stage a comeback in a way that is pleasing to God. Amber, yellow and gold, hues of red to breathe in as you meditate. Please stay safe.


      1. murray robertson Post author

        I guess there would be a lot to explain. I do things almost automatically, almost without thinking. Lens choices come into it and other things. What anyone can do is pay attention to what is in the viewfinder or screen (including phones). Don’t shoot if you are not happy with it. But look a lot and shoot a lot. And your pictures will get better if you pay attention.

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