Pink Hydrangeas

one hundred 
   years ago
   i think
      it was,
we had 
   our own
in our yard

   ours were 
always blue,
      but we
   found out
      i think,
some lime will
   turn the
   blue ones

   our world
needs more
a cooling rain
when we get
      a bit
   of peace
   from time
to time

16 thoughts on “Pink Hydrangeas

  1. Striking articulation in the way the hydrangeas and the backyard are brought forward into the light. And I’m seeing those beautiful blue hydrangeas in the old family yard, gosh I miss them, they must be the same age or even older by now.
    Lime!!!!!, I remember those pink ones all to well….interesting chemistry, lime looks beautiful when paired with pink.


      1. Oh that’s a handsome smile, that would be nice. The lime and pink in this photograph inspired my thinking. The colour coordination is striking. I think any woman can carry off the colours quite beautifully.

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      2. I have seen that some women are better at colours than others. At one place I lived, we had a very beautiful European woman (Scandinavian possibly). She destroyed that image for me forever, when one day I saw her wearing the ugliest combination (in her clothes).

        Men more often have colour issues. I was visited at a camera store I once worked at. A group of four or five came in. They found a vivid red camera (Ferrari red) for a friend who was meeting them.

        When he got there, they asked him what he thought of the colour. He said, “You know I’m totally colour blind.” I don’t like people picking on others, never have. I said, “In that case, it’s Ferrari gray.” They quit laughing. He gave me a serious ‘thank you’ look and bought the camera.

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      3. Oh my goodness, colours can drive me nuts, I battle to get it right especially with a limited palette, mixing and matching becomes a headache. There are are always two feelings at play and most times after I made my decision, I sigh and say to myself I should’ve gone with the other combinations. I’m ecstatic on the day when I’m spot on.
        Poor Scandi, no retreat.

        Ferrari gray, sweet gesture and funny reply.


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