Good Dreams

Good Dreams

      Well she 
walked right 
   up to me, 
smiled and said 
   “Hi There!”. 
I don’t know 
   what to do. 
I could be 
      all her 
good dreams, 
coming true.

a mile wide! 
   Her face 
   so sweet, 
what I think
      I will 
not hide, 
   all her 
good dreams 
But now 
   I know, 
      I don’t 
know what 
   to do;
she could be 
      all my 
good dreams, 
   coming true.

      She stood 
   and looked 
      and said 
      my name, 
      and now 
   I don’t 
      know who’s 
   to blame. 
I don’t 
know what 
      to do. 
   We could 
   be all our 
good dreams 
      coming true.

10 thoughts on “Good Dreams

  1. The approach and the first hello, irresistible smile, sweet unavoidable the look and mention of the name – beautiful form, sculptured so we can grasp your good dreams and celebrate with you.
    Blame is so unremitting …..
    Persistent and Perpetual….

    I love the concluding breath penned in poetry.


      1. I so wish this site could upgrade their emojis. They are so tiny and indistinct I can’t for the life of me decipher anyone of them.


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