Mornings Are Broken

Mornings Are Broken

      isn't he a
cheap imitation
of something
   really good?

we don't want
   the answer;
we really

time is like 
      a river.
we're caught up
   in the stream;

      we float
   on forever
   just living
in our dreams

red walls all
      around us,
all our views

   beige walls
in all sizes,
      never in
      the news

7 thoughts on “Mornings Are Broken

  1. I’m trying to put two and two together.
    From a maintenance perspective, the garden will need a lot of attention. With all that overgrowth it requires a constant garden

    Now back to the addition, I’m awful at that.
    Cheap Imitation ….let’s start there..
    I love the style of the house….it will make a beautiful home…maybe not everyone’s cup of tea…but im not a double storey person

    Red and beige bricks, fill me in….maybe the property you looking for will be advertised.


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