Crowd Scene

Crowd Scene

      one, two
three, crowd.

a relationship
   of subjects
   and how
they fill 
      a space

she stands out
   apart from
      any crowd

up her mind

      and i
an observer
      i pay

16 thoughts on “Crowd Scene

  1. I’m trying to identify the flower. I’m inclined to say sweet-smelling yellow. Just give them that name. Young and delicate wouldn’t fit the photographs description of these slight and slender flowers.

    I wonder if in plant life three is a crowd ?. Does it matter really somehow they always speak to our hearts giving us a message or two whether finely scented or deliciously wild the fragrance will find us, waxy yellow or delicately otherwise.

    I do wonder why she is distancing herself from her tribe, maybe the time has come to expand her horizon, that’s my imagination running wild. Or maybe she needs to exercise will power and grow in courage. And truly it is possible to do seek guidance by looking , find a way for self-expression.

    Rich poetry


    1. The flower is called Columbine. Here it is a slightly old-fashioned flower. They were growing them very well in this garden.

      I do use a lot of images as metaphors, but often don’t talk about it.


      1. It’s the poet’s prerogative not to speak about. In years to come scholars will tackle your poetry with their intellectual prowess and come up with meanings for the stories or characters fused into metaphors. Van Gogh painted his words, and look how far we’ve come with the fusion of photography and poetry. Scholars spent endless hours analysing the journals of poets which were filled with sketches and writing, scribbling too…..what wil come in the next hundred years, I don’t know.
        Gosh, the name is a far cry from ‘sweet-smelling yellow, Columbine sounds beautiful, I’m about to find out it’s fragrance, I hadn’t gotten there as yet. My morning is swinging.
        Names on the other hand, given to flowers, always fascinates me, and I most times wonder who baptised or blessed them. I read that Columbine belongs to the tribe of Aquilegia. Also an interesting name, it comes from the Latin word for eagle, Aquila. It is easy to understand this word origin: The spurs can remind one of the outstretched talons of an eagle or hawk. The hawkish origin of the scientific name is, however, somewhat at odds with the origin of the common name, “columbine” (from the Latin, columba), which refers to doves. Apparently, some find a resemblance in the inverted columbine flower to five doves nestled together……exquisite, all together, beautiful – Aquila Columbine, Talon’s DoveπŸ•Šor simply Eagle’s Doves🌺.


      2. Thank you. It did occur to me that people might study some of my works. Many things are
        possible, many unlikely.

        Aquilegia is another name I might call them by. I think that the ‘common’ or popular name
        is Columbine. I believe you have the latinate name meanings figured out very well. I am
        inclined to believe you on this topic.

        I found this bunch to be an unusual colour. And I saw a way to showcase the way that
        they look to me.

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      3. Oh I’m getting to know Latin in this way. We had a terrible teacher who taught us Latin back in the day. I don’t know why they made it so complicated and unbearable to learn. Maybe the subject was forced on to them and they themselves never understood much. Same thing with physics and maths, our teachers struggled to impart the fundamentals.

        Oh the scholars will find you especially those who will write dissertations for this epoch. Consider yourself counted in higher or lesser known poet, you know literature also has her classification.


  2. lovely poem, and 3 is always a special number, and the 1 is still standing, even if alone. they look like Columbine, or a type of orchid perhaps?


  3. My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking at your web page again.


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