Sepia Shed

Sepia Shed

when it seems
      there is no
   colour and all
   the beauty's
      gone, your
   mouth's like 
sour ashes,

   i will be your
faithful friend.
so don't give up
      too easily
it's not the 
   bitter end

there's time yet
to enjoy this life, 
      a corner 
   to be turned 
and lots of trouble 
yet to find
   and bridges 
      to be burned.

8 thoughts on “Sepia Shed

  1. The best thing in the world, a shed or tiny cottage on your property.

    Don’t trouble Trouble until Trouble troubles you is what the old people us to say, now I’m there too.
    Everything sounded so soothing and well meaning up until the bridges to be burned. That’s costly old faithful, unless of course the burning bridge is a metaphor for great adventure, fiery encounters and excitement ahead, enjoy these years.

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