White Tulip

White Tulip

   she sits
      in her

pure sunshine 
   on her face, 
pure beauty

   while broken
by fierce winds, 
   our mainsails
in such tatters,

we might miss
something so
it can change
      our game.
  show me
something vivid

   her face 
      in the 
morning sun

15 thoughts on “White Tulip

  1. Exquisitely beautiful, like a flower, like a tulip, and I say this distinctly unqualified, because i don’t see them everyday, but justified because you cannot confuse them with any other flower and therein lies their charm, they know themselves, their colour and their name. Music!!!!! Perfect love expressed in poetry. Oozing confidence, self-knowledge and love. A special delight indeed.


      1. One can never be too kind ….in offering a bouquet of thank you and appreciation for thought – provoking and fragrant poetry.


    1. Thank you Susi Bocks!

      I see you are looking back. I have way over a thousand poems now and some of them are connecting with people.

      I am begining to work on selecting some for a book or two, maybe. I don’t know if I want it to have just poems or poems with some photos or just photos…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, Murray! I have a big file with saved pieces I’ve read since I’ve been on WP, alternating my “sharing” from older and more recent posts of others.

        Oh, wonderful to hear, Murray! Good luck with your project!


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