you see
this lake is
   calm today,
so calm you'ld
   never guess
   it will
      a mess)

poison in 
   the water,
poison on
   the beach,
barrels rust
   and leech

      in a
story book
end up
   as you 

   walk beside it
if you choose
   or you can
ride your bike.

it's beautiful
   to look at.
but give it
such a miss.

   please don't 
drink that
   don't dare 
eat the fish

14 thoughts on “Lakeside

  1. Is it even safe to ride your bike…. or to take a stroll there. Most lakes are polluted but clearly the message received, this one is out of bounds, avoid at all cost. We need the warning bells to ring clearly and soundly.


    1. I don’t know, but I heard that the military dumped barrels of horrible chemicals in the lake. It sounds improbable, but the story mentions three-eyed-fish and othe monstrosities.


      1. Yes these stories are written, people just don’t read and pay attention. The three eyed fish is one thing….or story, the worse is, our marine life is ill. That’s the relationship the military has with the lakes, oceans and marine life in general….just throw it in the sea, the solution seemed so simple back then, just dump it in the sea.


  2. Sad to see these happen. We have rivers like this where I live. But they slowly clear up decade after decade. Is there any projection to the lake getting cleared ?


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