Peace #2_2020

Peace #2_2020

it was a quiet, 
sunny morning.

   so we took
our neighbor's
   happy little
   dog, walking
the railbed,

   where trains 
no longer run.

      warmth from
that beautiful
   made every
bit of shade
      a welcome
refuge from
growing heat

   peace is
   a wonder,
a state 
   of mind

   a thing we
carry inside
      to be 
   if not

6 thoughts on “Peace #2_2020

  1. abvr

    The poetry captured the mood and the natural texture of the peace flower almost perfectly. I say almost because it can only get better. I am in awe how the speaker uses his voice and pen to describe the aura of the peace flower with its specks of yellow and pink and a noticeable tinge of pale brown infused in this beautiful flushed Rose. No wonder the feeling of Peace. Let it not fade over time. That is the significance of soft shade of pale brown, for me at least.
    Isn’t it just so conventional and almost ordinary that we daily and constantly associate peace with our state of minds. We talk about it all the, we want peace, we want that peace of mind.
    The struggles and the storms they come, let it not fade over time. Keep it, peace is truly something to treasure and to celebrate. A walk along the railbed reads like a perfect day.


    1. murray robertson Post author

      Thank you Abby. One awful thing about sending photographs to people on the internet is that you (the photographer) never know what it will look like on the recipient’s computer screen.

      The peace rose is pale yellow with pink edges. It is beautiful like that. I don’t know how it would look: pink and brown. I hope it still looks good.


      1. abvr

        Oh I felt a the flower had an aura of Lily white….the pale yellow comes close. On most auras and particularly on flowers one will find specks of brown. As long as there is a balance and brown reminds us of this. On another deeper brown and deep pink make a spectacular colour combination I think.


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