Inside a Rose

Inside a Rose

what is it like
inside a rose?
   an aphid
   just might

      but i 
don't want
   to see
   my world
though an
aphid's eyes

   my eyes
have seen
   so much,

   and what
I needed.
      from where 
      i stand

   but i
   do not
see inside
      a rose
as aphids do
   and they
   will never
   tell me
how beautiful
      it is

13 thoughts on “Inside a Rose

  1. And did you know aphids are adored by ants – they are ready to faithfully follow and protect their supplier of delicacy – and the lady bug, as sweet as they look and considering all the rhyme and thoughts of romance written about these soft- bodied little creatures, in reality they are killers, they chow the pests. They engage in the extermination of aphids from spring to late autumn. After that, lay eggs near the aphid colony. Can you imagine such a pretty lady bug has all these tricks up her sleeves. Less you wish to be eaten by her you should reconsider the thought of wishing to be an aphid. Be assured you shall be ferociously be eaten by that tiny beast.

    [but i
    don’t want
    to see
    my world
    though an
    aphid’s eyes]

    Sweeter than honey
    I love it.


    1. I put about 500 ladybugs on some very infested roses one morning (about 4:30
      am) and found few ladybugs and no aphids when I looked in the early afternoon.

      Ladybugs are amazing and effective carnivores. And I didn’t have to spray anything toxic. (Not even soap!)



      1. No Abby. I bought a bag full of ladybugs. The store said it was 500.

        I sprayed the roses with a fine mist of water, then picked the ladybugs up carefully, on a watercolour paintbrush and gently brushed them of on the roses, just before the sun came up. I did it until there were no more ladybugs…

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