what priceless
gifts are those,
   we cannot say
nor from where
      they came, 

(just not as
as we'd wish)

nothing like
   a playful
rugged giant
   joyful at 
   the meeting
of his friend

   in a summer
garden, there
   are beauties

   just unseen,
because it's
   not to see
   what is there,
plain to see

15 thoughts on “Radial

  1. Oh my word, I’m over the moon, smiling and kissing these wonderful lines. Radial….And what’s in the name…he is so cute and so shy, but see how interested he is, curious and inquisitive.
    This is a little piece of genius Murray.


  2. You welcome Murray. A delightful read, so many genres are present: Classic and groundbreaking poetry , one cat overlook it. Little bit of action and attention, hitting at comedy. Fantasy and Mystery won’t be left out, and one is allowed to call it fiction if you so like.
    Ultimately poets pen provokes deep thought, so the balm and essence can flow.


      1. I love everything about this genre. You do exceptionally well in it. And certainly we do. Humorous and endearing.

        Oh Murray please don’t repeat it, I’m so conscious of the age, I really need to find a laptop. This smartphone can get out of hand.


      2. I’m using a Chromebook, which is very similar to the Android environment. It runs some Android apps.

        Mine has a touchpad, but the screen is not touch sensitive. The screen is about 11″.

        It has no hard drive but the internet is lightning fast. You can save your stuff on Google Drive.

        Did I say, it is inexpensive?


      3. I think I’m going to have to look around for a chrome when life becomes more settled. I don’t think the screen would be suitable for my needs. My needs require touchpad and stylus

        Inexpensive is a soothing word.


      4. Touchscreens cost more. This ASUS 202 Chromebook has only an 11″ screen. They also have 15″ screens for a little more. But I can take this one a lot more places than I can take a bigger one.


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