as it is,
this house
      is not
   my home.

   i like to
the garden

   but it can
   never give
me comfort.

ragged angels
   inhabit that
garden space;

   pull weeds.
      i could
confess, i
   would not
   want to 
      do it

   i have 
   my own
(a failing
body, full
   of aches
and pain).

   i know 
   the time
has come
to consider
   moving on,

   to even

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Beautiful home – lovely garden – fortunate to have volunteers! Keep it and them as long as health and Providence deem it positive! I love your photo and your poem. 🐝 well! And thank you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your calling card so I could find you!


    1. Thank you JanBeek!

      I thought the name of the photo was visible. I think I called it Not_My_House. It isn’t. It is a historical house about 50 km from here.

      Our very famous home is only 12 years old. And it’s right here!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well it’s a well- kept house, who knows what inspiration it might bring just living within a beautifully mowed lawn, something I would consider, a different house, ultimately it’s how Providence decides. At the back, far back you will find the weedy garden gathering around the tree, no doubt for sure. I wouldn’t know the time has truly come, moving on.


    1. We should be almost ready, as soon as we can sell this house. Maybe then we can get started in building the new house. Anothe adventure…

      Our current lawn is about 1/4 acre. I have a good riding mower (With a trailer when I need it for that.)


    1. A bit tense. (Because we have another building project – adventur,e held up until we sell.)

      Sales in our price level are a bit slow. It may not help that it is a custom design. Some
      things that make sense to us are not currently all that popular.


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