Spring Forward

Spring Forward

imagine a bee,
      and if you
did it right
   you might 
   imagine a
rapid flight

   into pink
   food, and
as you crawl
   about the

plants have
   but don't

      why bees
   are needed
(it's nothing
we have planned)

   we're just
      in the 
flower game.

   it's so
it's really 
not the same...

16 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. abvr

    I shall call the flower PRETTY, a ruffled angel.

    I get it and I’m not here to disturb the natural order of things, most times it’s fascinating to observe but there are times when certain bees show questionable traits then I’m also curiously repelled….lol

    The soft, yet bold bystander becomes even more attractive to observe even though the heart bleeds.


    1. murray robertson Post author

      Thanks Abby! In our world, the y do look angelic, don’t they?

      Bees in Canada are very docile and rarely sting unless greatly provoked.

      While photographing a plum tree, I had a bee hop off the flower I was shooting, walk up my lens and over my fingers, after which, she flew away.

      At first, I considered slapping her. By then she was walking on my fingers. Then, my mood turned to wonder.

      And finally, as she flew away, I realised I was feeling that she was a sweet little live thing, and that I was very, very privileged to have met her.

      (Worker bees, which she was are female.)

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      1. abvr

        Lol….that moment of your mood….but you did, I can recall the image of the wording…I felt the tremor shake my history.


      2. murray robertson Post author

        A tremor should shake everybody’s history. History is limited and falsified. Working people are not represented in the official histories of hte area I live in. The same will be true for your area.


    1. murray robertson Post author

      Thank you d.a.! It is a peony, from one of our gardens. This garden has about 40 of them. Now that summer is here, we have different flowers.

      I will be out there to photograph current flowers tomorrow probably. (Too hot today already.)


      1. d.a.simpsonwriter

        Sorry! Finger slipped!!!šŸ˜
        As I was about to say…oh how fabulous! What joy! A wonderful sight to cherish.
        Enjoy your photo session tomorrow. When it’s cooler. I look forward to the outcome šŸ™‚


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