the Garden

the Garden

it grows
   as if
there was
   a plan

i go to see
   it when
      i can

   bright as
the colours
are, it seems

they feature
   greatly in
my dreams

   she sniffs
a flower
   as she

   and smiles,
and confesses

how wonderful
   this whole
world seems
      to be.

20 thoughts on “the Garden

    1. Thank you Laughing_soul. In some ways it is quite different from the floral macros I often make.
      And I like it. (I don’t show you photos that I don’t, for some reason, like.


  1. Fragile flowers opening to the warmth of spring, love is a garden indeed, even in our dreams

    But you are funny Murray and a sharp tool -precise- with a heart full of awesome poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

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