Full Pool

   such a 
small lake 
and so much

   they call 
it full pool
   when a lake
      is full

      it makes 
me wonder
   how a lake 
   can be full

i never thought
of a lake as a 

   but it is:
   too full.

a tree in
the water
   was on 
a bank

   in its 
a blackbird

(plain as dirt)
   it has its
   own kind 
of beauty

   my eyes;
let me see

   i would 
   fill up
with it,
   at full 

18 thoughts on “Full Pool

  1. abvr

    Pool????….. how dare they
    Over- flowing banks….is a full name
    Honestly a breath-taking sight, that kind of blessing living close to a full pool, can be quite enviable.

    True Thrush
    – songbirds of the family Turdinae
    Lap up the beauty



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