Lily White

   lily white
   glowing in
the sunlight!

      about it
lights a
   fire inside.

   we simmer
in some kind
of lily beauty,

   a slight joy
warming us

   today a 
thin smoke haze 
   this summer

   but still,
we swelter.
and still
      we hope,

because they
promised us
   a better

16 thoughts on “Lily White

  1. There are 9 divisions and I’m suggesting, well taking a chance really, this Promiser is Div 6 – Trumpet & aurelian and I’m not too sure if this one goes by the name of White Amber because division 6 has many many girlfriends.
    Definitely not the rising or the passion moon.
    Nonetheless well worth the extra care. Division 3a would be the Madonna Lily.
    Oh I love this and the promises of a better tomorrow.
    Everyone does.
    Dark chocolate buds opening to a rich warm deep tangerine to apricot hue, it can’t be the African Queen.

    Good night Murray, I have a busy week ahead, I need to catch some sleep.

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      1. I am accustomed to starting a conversation, listening to words that don’t seem connected to anything.

        Sometimes, I have to listen to my wife or my coffee buddy for a few sentences (or minutes) to understand what they are talking about.

        Both of them will start talking mid-sentence and expect me to know what they have been thinking about…


      2. Oh sorry, i did not mean to create confusion in response. Should I remove it now? Feels like I’m talking to myself.☺


      3. No Abby. It seems you are a horticulturisy or botanist maybe.

        I have a very btoad range of interests and can often pick up on a conversation. I’ll get the general picture fairly quickly if I figure out which section of the library I am reading in.


      4. (No Abby. It seems you are a horticulturisy or botanist maybe.)
        Biology was one of my favourite subject. But i think there is a little bit of truth in what you say. My maternal grandfather, a grumpy old man, he wasn’t the easiest personality in town had a hothouse where he cultivated various species of plants and flowers. In his younger years after the war he got a job to maintain one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. So without thinking he would allow, only me of all the grandchildren to help him out in the hothouse. Maybe because I lived so faraway and would only see him holidays or on certain weekends. Looking back I think he could’ve handled it better, but yes there is where I learned. Pity I only knew him as a little girl. He died when I was very young. Often in my dreams especially in difficult times he sends me lilies in my dreams.

        Yes I notice that about you, how you pick up on things, it comes naturally.


      5. Sorry you didn’t have more time with him. We don’t get to choose how these things work for us. Sometimes we do get to spend a lot of time with special people. Surely, your grandpa would have spent more time with you if he could have.


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