Purple Burst

Purple Burst

such a surprise
   leapt in
      my eyes,
a purple burst

i cannot see
   as once
i did
just fifty
      years ago

   i know
things are
   the same
      as ever,

   but i 
see them so

flowers fade
   but i have
made a copy
of the light

   it's not 
too sharp
   from front
      to back

   it's how i
see these days

a purple burst!
   i saw
   it first,
it cannot
go away

15 thoughts on “Purple Burst

  1. “Nemo me impune lacesset”
    [“No one attacks me with impunity”.]
    Hmmmm…..careful, careful….surprise attack..
    We back to the national plant of Scotland, neither flower or weed THISTLE is a stand alone it seems.
    “Flower of the Sun” or “Herb of Witches”,
    Oooooo….violet tops, full of passion will prick your heart

    Breathtaking Burst…


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