Lake in Monochrome

Lake in Monochrome

   silver tones
tell stories,
some things
      not left

   silver sky,
black treeline
      the rest is
   in greytones

   do silver
   fish swim
better in 

   under a
   it may be
      to see

36 thoughts on “Lake in Monochrome

  1. (do silver
    fish swim
    better in

    Do they sleep?
    in the night
    most probably

    Beautiful monochrome photography,
    Depicting the various shades of its central colour.

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      1. I used towork on B&W film prints in the lab. Same idea, in a way.

        I try to do everything in the camera too, from framing for composition to aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I try to shoot like I’m a student again, paying for expensive processing.

        Lightroom lets a photographer work on it a bit more. making prints look like you wan them to look, rather than wishing you had a bit more or less of something…

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    1. Thank you Paul. I like the title of your site. I always liked the little furry creatures.

      When I was four or five I brought home 15-20 dogs, I think. I couldn’t count at that age.
      My mother seemed pretty frantic about something. I couldn’t figure that out. (Many of
      the dogs were quite big and I was quite small. And they were being a bit rowdy.)


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