Deer Visit

   from our
we can see

our neighbor
      has a

wild things
   surprise us
   every day

      can be

   wild things 
   have a sweet 
chaotic sense 

      this time,
   it might be 
   a little sad

   the neighbor
doesn't know
      what we see

21 thoughts on “Deer Visit

  1. Sad as in exit?
    (A deer’s nervous system is similar to a human being’s, They don’t just “drop dead.”).
    In the wild it is so relaxing to watch them in their state of alertness.


    1. I went out into the front yard to put water in the fountain and there was a deer drinking out of it. I heard my neighbor tell me about another deer, coming towards me. So I stood still until it passed.

      He was out there with his seven year old daughters with a bucket of water for the deer to drink (because they saw the deer panting).


      1. Hi Abby! I meant “panting” like gasping for water. Today the deer are back in the shade. I brought them a large bowl of cold water. This afternoon, I expect, they will walk past it. I’m hoping that they will stop and drink.


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