Purple Columbine

dark purple,
on a rainbow...

who would
      ever guess?

      fly in the

i pause and 
   think about 
   my Nikon

   and carry on.

      the columbine
waits patiently

   and is

26 thoughts on “Purple Columbine

  1. I’m deeply touched, by the verse dedicated to your flower.
    Purple, and I see burgundy, you right, burgundy is the colour of carnations and dahlias, even roses, amaranthus and proteas, how can I forget the anemone…..all in burgundy.
    Columbine is a beautiful purple, Straight up, strong, soft and gentle.
    Good night Murray, sleep well.

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      1. I probably have broad categories of ranges of colour. It I see a blue as greenish or a green as bluish, my wife will have different names for the actual tone we both see…

        I know: “stupid man!”


      2. Abby!

        “Esteemed one?” (You are trying to amuse me and are succeeding.)

        Whenever I am in danger of getting conceited, my wife accuses me of idiocy or foolishness. A man needs the help he gets and deserves it too.

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      1. Hi d.a.!

        I think in abstract. The original idea has no visual or verbal form. Then I find a way to approximate what I am thinking or feeling.

        The photograph might be a decent representation of the idea. The poem is word play about that idea.

        I feel good when I get close.


      2. Thank you! I’m delighted to know how you go about this.
        With me it’s visual. A sunset. Or an imagined topaz lake. I then find a way to paint the scene in words…
        How fascinating it is that we all approach things so differently!


      3. Hi Array!

        I can’t see pictures (or movies) like you can. I get an abstract idea that isn’t words or visuals (or sound). I then translate into whatever form seems to work for me. I chase a feeling of (partial) satisfaction, to realise (as best I can) the idea. It can be a poem, a photograph or a sculpture for me. (Music is not one of my usual methods of expression.)

        Stay Well!


      4. How very interesting that you also sculpt. You must derive much satisfaction from this form of expression.
        I have played the violin semi professionally in the past. But I was never brilliant at it.
        Nor can I draw or paint.
        Words words words are my way.
        But I do enjoy seeing the works of others in all the art forms 🙂


      5. That’s what works for me: poetry, photography and sculpture.

        I took one violin lesson and a number of piano lessons. I was also supposed to be talented in music, but had other interests.

        I don’t draw or paint either. And, like you, I enjoy seeing other art forms.


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