Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake Point

      my world 
   is slowly
   burning and 
I try to breathe

   smoke is 
      not my

   often from 
   a careless
      gone wild

   smoke and 
flame we know, 

but we have 
done worse.
   ripping up 

   our past 
and future
   we pass.

destroyers, we
   will starve.
   time and past
      we need,

   to restore 
   the ugly
we've achieved...

35 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Point

  1. (my world
    is slowly
    burning and
    I try to breathe)

    This sounded so…

    Yes I agree, we live so recklessly and utterly unconcerned about the consequences of our actions …..until starvation sets in and we are forced to face the damage we left behind in our wild wake of living. Time we must makeup before time slips away from us


    1. I’m sorry. It sounds like your world has a lot of the same problems as my world. There are so many of us and we treat our beautiful paradise as nothing more than resources to be exploited, and as a garbage dump.


      1. This mindset is crustified….it’s so sad, I don’t know how better to describe and that we given up the power to change it.
        But I really love the first four introductory lines of Rattlesnake Point


      2. The questions must include: “how?”, “by who?”, “when?” and “then what?”.

        I suspect we will need to have strongly mandated “green” governments or a supernational government to do that. And I expect that will not happen easily, if ever.

        People see “opportunity” to enrich themselves through exploitation of “resources”. I don’t know that is inherently wrong. But we ought to do it in non-destructive ways. (I almost said “where possible”.)


      3. Yes we have asked these before and to appease our conscience we set up world heritage sites so we can take some responsibility for our world together. It hasn’t really broke down barriers. I suspect this is how far green we will become.
        Exploitation without hurting one human being for the benefit of another…..I think that is really tough since this exploitation is the real fear that nobody wants to lose.


      4. Easter island is our warning. Lemmings are our warning.

        Chances are good, that we will not avoid a doom that we will create for ourselves.

        It is so obvious, but we are so blind. Sad. We have so much beauty in us.


      5. For me it’s Table Mountain. World heritage site afflicted with so much tragedies. We don’t take ourselves seriously enough.
        But you know how sensitive the issue of over population is, it’s almost impossible to discuss in any sane environment.
        Oh yes, I don’t think we are blind, I think we basically just there most times how to share and distribute our beauty.


      1. Oh I do empathise and recognise this. Sometimes I get tied up in knots and need a family member to unknot me but as they’re always sooooo busy and think I’m barely human and superhuman at the same tome they tend to leave me to rescue myself. 😂🙃


      2. Maybe my struggles are on a different level. I’m sure my level of frustration is elevated. I know so many words, but the right words often seem about one step out of reach.


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