Mule Deer Doe

Mule Deer Doe

she's beautiful
   and elegant,
   you can't say
      she never
looks back.

   she scratches
when it itches,
   and thinks it's
just the natural
thing to do

      here, in the 
neghbor's yard
   she adds a 
   little grace

so beautiful
   she makes
   some men's
mouths water.

      and i wonder,
   what kind of
life she has,
sprinting away
      at a sound.

22 thoughts on “Mule Deer Doe

  1. They are the physical expression of what we can’t see, our nervous system calm and alert and anxiety, if you look close you see the smile right there, yes and all to natural…..

    Exquisite capture
    Looking back


    1. Thank you beth!

      She was in my neighbor’s yard. Lately, we have seen them in our yard . They just stepped right over our 4 foot chain link fence and sheltered from the sun, under the lilacs I planted for my wife a few years ago. They are beautiful animals.

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      1. Thanks beth!

        Actually, I wonder if they are just taking advantage of us. I think we would never harm something so beautiful.

        I did put out a plastic dishpan full of water for them to drink (without approaching them). I don’t know if they found it.

        But they do drink out of our fountain.

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      1. You certainly get it right already! Every single time. I always relax into your poems when they appear in my feed and am always uplifted and the better for reading them and enjoying your beautiful photos. I do love B&W ones. But your colour ones are a joy too 📷❤


    1. Thank you. Here we have mule deer, like the one in this picture, and white tail deer.

      They are both beautiful creatures, but people kill them and eat them.

      I photograph things instead of destroying them. It is said: leave only footprints. I like to leave no footprints either.

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      1. Ah. Your “….leave no footprints either.” is wonderful! 💕 We have white tailed deer here. Couldn’t believe it…on my bike ride one evening I counted 16!!! That’s a record!!! 😃


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