Shade Under a Lilac

Shade Under a Lilac

      mule deer
lounge quietly
   under a 
   lilac bush
i planted
      for her

   pretty like
   a picture,
in the shade,

   safety in
our backyard
      all their 
dues are paid

in our garden
   bloom and
fade and fall

   mule deer
   come and 
rest, go
   at will

   our lives
are complicated
and seem, to us
      so grand

      wild things
   so beautiful,
   so hard to

21 thoughts on “Shade Under a Lilac

    1. Thank you Cheryl. We’re both cheered by their using our yard for a hotel.

      I did not copy this post to several hunters in my family. My coffee buddy used to hunt. He knows I don’t approve of killing anything or anyone unless they aggravate me. He sent a message: “venison”.

      I sent back: “scenery”.


  1. Pretty deer
    Calm and still inquisitive.
    Her large, keen eyes and ears
    are at peace.
    Great job you’ve done
    there is no need to locate
    distant predators.


      1. Thanks d.a.! We like to see them. We are also visited (in season) by wild California quail. They are invasive. Native to California, they have migrated north, with climate change.

        We are a long way north of California. But they thrive here too now.


      2. I know. My neighbor says they ate his blueberries. He’s unhappy about that. I don’t know if I should tell him I think its cool that he planted some nice berries for the deer.


      3. Aaaaaaaargh!!!! I can see your challenge here…It would be great to lead him to view this as a wonderful thing but there could be problems ahead!! I think I would keep these delightful thoughts to yourself ❤🦌❤🦌❤🦌. But we all need to eat…whether we’re human beings or deer…oh dear!!!😊🙃


      4. Well, d.a., he is a hunter. I plan not to ever hunt. I have seen too many animals wit definite personalities and respect them. I do eat meat: things I can buy at the grocery store.


      5. These sentiments truly resonate with me too. The life journey leads us through these stages of learning. I’ve never understood how folk can do that either. It must alter something in them when they do


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