Yellow Primary

Yellow Primary

   friendship and
caring, a yellow
rose might say.

i see bright

      in such a
   vibrant way.

      i think a
   yellow lemon
looks nice too

(pucker sour)
      a lemon
has a use

a drop or two 
   the flavour
of lemon juice

   can highlight
   subtle flavour
(clarity and truth)

      they do not
   impress me
with their souls
and with their minds

   i feel such
(not much else
      to find).

8 thoughts on “Yellow Primary

  1. Mmmmmmm yellow! After I went into remission from my cancer the first colour I wanted to wear was yellow! Bough a bright yellow jacket!


      1. Thanks blindzanygirl! You may hear some music as mood making or mood enhancing. For some people who see colours, it is quite similar.

        I’m reminded, when talking about colours, seeing or not seeing them of a time when
        I worked in a camera store around 8-10 years ago, where a group of friends came in looking for a bright red camera for a ‘colour-blind’ friend (who could not see any colours).

        They picked a camera that was “bright red”, a colour Iwould have called “Ferrari red”. He was coming to meet them there.

        Soon he was standing in front of me and I was showing him the camera. One of them asked him what he thought of the colour. He said, “you know I don’t see colours”. They were all snickering, grinning, poking each other, behind his back.

        I said, “in that case, this is Ferrari grey!” No more snickering. He said “I’ll take it.” It was a decent camera at a decent price and was good value. His ‘friends’ quieted down. A felt better than I did when I saw them picking on him.


  2. Actually the juice of a lemon is simply amazing and I for one love the essence of lemon, a fragrant perfume and incense. The seed of a lemon is powerful and the undiluted taste of the juice shakes one up makes one rethink again


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