Big Nasturtium

Big Nasturtium

   close up,
   a macro
looks bigger
   than live

we see things
      we never
   saw before

beauty too

some harmony
      in colour,
   little strife 

encroaching weeds,
voracious insects,
    it is war

      big nasty
   losing always
root space too

      do not laugh
   and do not cry,
if you plant it
      it will die...

18 thoughts on “Big Nasturtium

  1. abvr

    The flower is like dhania. It should be added to the food just before serving. I heard they say the flower must not be overcooked before eating. They make great companions in any garden. I use to grow them. I don’t know why I can’t get myself to add the flower and the leaves to my salad or cooked food as a staple. It’s different with other herbs like mint, pineapple sage, etc. It may have to do with our culture of eating. They do make a beautiful decoration on the dinner plate and the flowers are gorgeous in beds, climbing trellises, and in containers, food for your vegetable drawer.

    Happy Saturday Murray.


      1. forresting365

        My pleasure! And yes!!! I’ve had them in salads before. They are delicious! I’ve tried to grow them here but had no luck. You post and reminder makes me want to try again next Spring! šŸ˜ƒ


      2. murray robertson Post author

        Thanks forthe apology (about the smoke). I don’t know where you live or how much is your fault.

        As the world warms, we are finding that a half a degree rise in temperature can have drastic consequences. I can smell some of those consequences today.

        Usually we can see 15-20 miles of beautiful scenery from our living room. Today, so far, it’s about 2 miles, and most of that is partially obscurred.

        Forest fires bother me in another way, too. I am very, very fond of forests. The destruction of them hurts, a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. forresting365

        Yeah….they can be heartbreaking, indeed. Lived in Los Angeles for many years so understand what being around those fires is like. It can be awful. I used to volunteer with tree people and would help replant after major fires sometimes. It can be pretty vast devastation. Sweetness when everything starts coming back. Sigh.

        I reckon it’s not my fault. šŸ˜…

        Have a great one!!! šŸ’–


  2. murray robertson Post author

    You too foerresting365! It might be your fault. I don’t know. Might be my fault too. I hope not.

    We are hoping some of the smoke clears by next week. A little rain could help scrub the air too.



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