Noxious Invader

they say it is 
   a noxious 

   i believe

      you cannot
touch it, it is

   in general
a toxic mess.

but when i look
   i see such
      beauty and,

   i find that
to understand...

8 thoughts on “Noxious Invader

  1. writingpresence

    Murray, I am deducing from this that you live in western North America, because that’s where Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) is clsssified as a noxious weed.

    Here in northern Scotland it is part of the wild succession from foreshore (of sea or lake) up into woodland. Indeed I first saw it in the wild on the shores of the Isle of Arran (one of the Western Isles of Scotland) when I was a student on a botany field trip in the 1970s. Later I learnt (from an interest in dye-plants) that the rhizomes (swollen root-like basal parts) were – with added ferrous sulphate – the source of a black dye or even an ink.

    I am also familiar with it on the eastern English fens (alkaline-soiled bogs) and as an emergent plant in wildlife ponds – the sort of tall spear-shaped leaf that a dragonfly nymph might use in its final metamorphosis to one of those stunning, powerful adults. I wonder whether (from your name) you had Scottlish forebears, and whether it was one of them who brought yellow flag westwards when colonising? Not that you would know that…


    1. murray robertson Post author

      Thank you writingpresence!

      I read that the Yellow Iris was toxic, but a local naturalist tells me she pulls them
      up, without gloves even. I imagine differing toxicity levels occur in different

      The rattlesnake, a north american pit viper, is very poisonout in the southern USA.
      By the time they get here, they are barely toxic, I’m told. Might be a similar
      situation with the yellow iris.

      My name is certainly Scottish. Two clan names. Jacobite, I think. My dad had an
      uncle George (re. George Murray) and James and Charlie were also common in our
      family. That’s on my dad’s side.

      Mom’s people were English. A poet, a writer, and an explorer (Admiral) on that
      side. I have never been to Britain, and might like to see some of it when the world
      is sane again.

      Best Wishes!

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