White Flower

White Flower

      it takes a 
   little extra

   to really
   see a pure
white flower

      black dog
in the night,
   under a 
   silver moon

   looks like
   a shadow,
a lawn

   pure white,
a mix of all 
those colours
in a rainbow

      you know
   there is no
      pure white

   it's just
a seven colour

5 thoughts on “White Flower

  1. murray robertson Post author

    Colour is an important discussion these days, and should have been more widespread a long time ago.

    I was making a passport photo of a three or four year old girl who told me she wasn’t pretty because she had “yellow skin”. I was shocked and outraged. I told her that she was a beautiful little girl, and skin colour made no difference.

    Who we are is what is important.



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