September Hilltop

September Hilltop

from up there
we could see
      for miles.

   and something
spoke in 

about a view
   (we gladly 
   didn't miss)

   mostly it
was unspoiled
   it seemed,

      from where
   we stood high
   on the trail,

looking over
      so much of 
   such beauty.

again, we had
      to learn
   to breathe.

28 thoughts on “September Hilltop

      1. Thank you pvcann! I’m sorry but I’d like my monster riding mower working again. Somebody seems to have tried to steal it.

        The ignition lock is marked up, like a screwdriver was forced into the lock. Now I can’t get the key into it.
        The lawns are probably about 1/4 acre and I’m in my 70s now. I’d rather ride to mow. The electric mower has a lead acid battery.

        That makes it heavy when I finally finish mowing and drag it uphill to the house. I got it for the new home we plan to build (with a small lawn).

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      2. Thanks pvcann. Hotwiring could ruin the wiring harness. The lock connects a number of “interlocks”.
        That means a number of things need to be connected (and disconnected) all at once. The right fix is
        to replace the lock with the correct lock so everything works. It will be like new. I just want the lock to
        get here so I can have my undamaged mower working.

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      3. My wife lost an uncle in the second world war. He was a motorcycle dispatch rider. (Fatal crash.) And she was raised to be horrified by motorbikes. If I got one and went for a ride, she’d kill me when I got home. She always kills me!

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    1. Thank you d.a.! I get a cool feeling when I puzzle it out and it seems to get close to what I want to say. It’s nice too, to find that someone puzzles it out and figures out what I thought I said.


    1. Thanks Jay!

      No snow yet, although we are sort of expecting a cold winter. In the southern Pacific ocean, there has been an el nina winter, which seems to predict a cold one for us.

      We have a cosy home, good insulation, high efficiency furnace, gas fireplaces, warm clothes, Honda CR-V with AWD. Should be OK. (And probably not so much smoke.)

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      1. Thanks Jay! Probably I’ll get a new snow shovel. I wore out my last one last winter. I broke my snowblower the year before last. (salvaged some parts in case I feel a need to build a robot).

        Maybe I’ll get X-country skiis. Then I can have another good reason to get outside this winter.

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