Bright Colours

   bright colours
      bright days
thinning smoke,

unknown flower
      hardly any
   smokey summer
air, like dust
      itchy eyes

dry sore throat
      and awful
   lonely days

i have to say
      i'm sorry
   i don't know

this wet flower's 
   name, and may
      as well tell

      you that
   i didn't spray
it for the shot

   and had to 
to look real

   beauty never
has to pretend.

20 thoughts on “Bright Colours

      1. I don’t know why a cactus reminds me of a succulent. Strange associations one makes when it comes to nature and especially the plant and flower kingdom.
        The animal kingdom is different.


      2. My understanding is that a cactus is a succulent. But there are other types of plant that are called succulents.

        I think that they are usually highly drought tolerent and sometimes (maybe always) have adaptations to retain and maximise conservation of water.

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