Black and White Lakeside

Black and White Lakeside

   some colours
will tell us
      a story,

   a story we
      may like
to forget.

   though a lake 
seems so pure, we 
can't be so sure.

   it's safer 
      to see 
black and white

a mill on a lake 
   poisons more
than you'd think

   so we'll leave
out the colours

   some colours
will tell us
      a story,

   a story we
      may like
to forget.

14 thoughts on “Black and White Lakeside

  1. Photography says when you remove the color from a photo, magic can happen.
    Stunning composition in black and white. Beautiful textures highlighted by contrasting details. I can see the object of your concern, the white smoke from the mill on the lake, it is visible even with a white cloud as backdrop. The bright and the dark made a stunning black and white.
    Leaving out the colours leaves the composition in peace.

    Happy SUNDAY Murray


      1. Mmmmm, that’s interesting, worm in the salad, they are generally a very clean bug, even the ones found in cherries. Absolutely harmless when bitten into. Incomparable to the impacts of toxins released by the old mill on the lake. But of course it is unacceptable if salad is served with a worm in, the thought alone, who does that? One needs to take care.


  2. I’m interested to know what industry the mill is invloved in – what products? What are the environmental credentials of its process and products? Is exemplary pollution control among its unique selling points? Do its customers know or care?

    If not – why not?

    (I am being a worm in the salad here. But quite a sweet worm, just a biologist, that’s all x)


    1. Thanks writingpresence.

      The mill saws logs into lumber. It stores logs by floating them on the lake. Organic chemicals, called lignins, leach out of the logs into the water.

      I don’t know much about organic or non-organic chemistry, but you will not find me drinking the water or swimming near that sawmill .

      I don’t know what their selling points are, or who their customers are.

      We need worms in salads. It wakes us up!


    1. Thank you for the kind words TasView!

      I’m sorry that our beautiful world is getting destroyed (for profit). I photograph nature when I can. Sometimes I have a hard time finding pristine scenery, scenery with no trace of humans.

      We no longer have to save nature; now we desperately need to restore nature.

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