Bright October

yesterday's flower
   at the north end
      of a sunbeam,

   some things 
   seem never 

but yesterday's
      sunshine has
lost its meaning,

   relevance and 
colours fading now.

   as i look out the 
      window, i see 
winter approach.

a chill already
      blights the 
morning light.

14 thoughts on “Bright October

  1. Here comes a feeling of déjà vu, yes it feels like I’ve had this talk before. Similar sensations and impressions after winter arrived and began to settle in. Feelings that I can taste and smell. The aroma and flavours of steamy apple- cinnamon and pumpkin pie. Belonging somewhere, belonging to someone, the feeling of being home. Making the best and appreciating the little things. Spring lays beneath. Wishing you a warm October. It is cold here too.


      1. Oh 23°C is a great number and temperature. We had it yesterday, still wet and cold covering our day with a romantic mist.

        Gingerbread, hmmm interesting taste. Watch yourself Murray, leave some for the cookie monster.


      2. Yes enjoy the moment, as you write now it feels like a warm October. Enjoy the session out there hopefully with a warm sun on your back


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